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How do I add in scrimmage stats?

Create a separate team (i.e. USC Fall) to upload scrimmage stats into via Excel template, refresh in-game stats in another team (i.e. USC 2021), and then select “Merge Teams” > Merge USC Fall into USC 2021. Make sure players' names are spelled identically for the stats to merge.

How big of a sample size do I need?

There's no magic number, but we recommend at least 50 plate appearances. A better question is: Does the data I'm using for the simulation line up with how I think this player will perform?

How do the baseball and softball simulations differ?

Baserunning rates and fielding rates are specific to the sport and level of play. Softball also has a slap-hitting component, as these produce much different results in advancing baserunners than a non-slap hits. In conjunction with the user input statistics, these differences create completely different run scoring environments, each precise to the sport and level of play.

What should I put for Speed?

This is Bill James's "Speed Score" metric, a number 0-10 with 10 being the fastest. It's a weighted combination of Runs, Stolen Bases/Attempts, Triples, and double plays. The faster a runner, the more likely they will be to advance on the bases. It doesn't have to be perfect, just in the right ballpark.